KATHY GARVER, most fondly remembered for her starring role as "Cissy" in the long running CBS prime time television hit "Family Affair", has also garnered critical acclaim in movies, stage, radio, voice-over animation, and audio book narration.

Hollywoodıs legendary Cecil B. DeMille was one of the first to recognize Kathyıs distinct talents. Kathy was noticed by the great director who had special scenes written into the "Ten Commandments" movie epic to highlight the little girl.

Today Kathy Garver is an accomplished and versatile actress, appearing in such films as The Princess Diaries, with guest star roles on TV shows, talk and game shows.

Kathy is also very much in demand for her numerous vocal characterizations. She voiced the role of "Firestar", a mutant super heroine in the "Spiderman and his Amazing Friends" series and was recently honored with the Audie Award for Amy Tanıs The Opposite of Fate.

Kathy has put her vast knowledge into teaching and producing and is currently working on such projects as "Snuggy Bear", a live action /animation show, "TV Dinners", a new series that she will host, and recording her new workbook, Creating Excellence in Audio Narration. She has a star in the Palm Springs "Walk of Fame" and loves walking and playing the desert golf courses!

Kathy is a partner in Stirred Water Studios and they will be producing 3 family oriented major motion pictures in 2008. Kathy lives in the California Bay Area with her husband, David, son, Reid, and Cocker Spaniel puppy, "Coco". As president of the Family Affair Foundation whose mission it is to provide reading companions to the elderly and disadvantaged youth, Kathy does much to help many worthwhile charities.